For one year, I have the great opportunity to join the Jardin des Sciences team. I managed an exciting project whose aim was to take 15 students of the University of Strasbourg to ESOF 2014 and to produce a scientific theatre play there. ESOF is a biennial european forum organized by Euroscience. For one week, it offers a platform where researchers, journalists, policy makers, students and organizations can meet and debate European research and global challenges. We provided the evening entertainment of the 23rd of June by producing a theatre play in Copenhagen!


Since we really enjoyed it, we played again during “La Fête de la Science 2014”.

Here is a video of the show (sorry, this one is in French…).

We would like to thank the Jardin des Sciences for giving us this opportunity !

And Alex for his support 🙂

If you want to learn more about this project, visit our blog or facebook page.

My first mission within the Jardin des Sciences was to help to build our last annual exhibition on water (see my first exhibition). I wrote all the panels of this exhibition dedicated both to Elementary, Middle and High Schools and general public.

Exhibition posterAffiche de l'exposition


Pupils of the Elementary School of the Conseil des XV visiting the exhibition.